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Embraces your desire to be different. Only Stout21 combines popular flavors with one-of-a-kind bottle to produce a great tasting, smooth 3 oz. shot that embodies an irreverent and uninhibited personality. Using a distinctive beer base at 15% ABV (14% in certain states), Stout21 is available in four unique flavors. Visit product site here


Stout Brewing Company was founded in 2012 with the notion of creating something different – innovative brewing and packaging solutions that are not currently available on the market. Wanting to not be a part of the status quo, Stout Brewing Company brought together a unique team of individuals to create new methods of production and brands that would forge its own niche in the alcoholic beverage industry, as well as improving upon the current standards.


Peach & Strawberry Coming Soon!

The Great America brand is adding two new flavors, just in time for summer. Strawberry and Peach will join the Apple Pie and Carolina Clear flavors in the marketplace in early June and will be available in both 14% / 28 Proof (12% / 24 Proof in certain states).

Stout Brewing Company is excited to add these two flavors into the mix, expecting them to be just as popular, if not more than its Apple Pie flavor.

Stout Brewing Co Going West

SBC has been steadily expanding West over the past few months. Stout21 is now available in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Washington.

“We’re happy to see SBC products expand into these new markets and are glad to have so many great distributors backing it,” said Cody Sommer, CEO of Stout Brewing Company.

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