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Stout Brewing Company was founded in 2012 with the notion of creating something different – innovative brewing and packaging solutions that are not currently available on the market. Wanting to not be a part of the status quo, Stout Brewing Company brought together a unique team of individuals to create new methods of production and brands that would forge its own niche in the alcoholic beverage industry, as well as improving upon the current standards.

Great America

Brewed and bottled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in North Carolina. Great America was born from tradition and raised by a new breed of greatness. This new beverage brings the taste of the past and combines it with a modern attitude to give it a flavor all it’s own.

Drink Like A BOSS

There is a new boss in town. Drink Like A Boss takes things to a whole new level with a flagship alcohol content of 14% ABV. Boss is just what it says it is, setting out to take charge of the FMB category and let it be known that no other brand will challenge Drink Like A Boss. With a lineup of three flavor options in Fruit Punch, Grape, Watermelon and a 24oz can package this product packs a great combination.

fire flask

It is time to turn up the heat. Fire Flask is the first malt beverage product to truly capture the cinnamon flavored alcohol that consumers are demanding. With a single serving size at 12oz this product turns up the dial on the temperature. Fire Flask burns, turns and leaves you saying the devil made you do it.

Please remember to always think and drink responsibly

  • Drink Like A BOSS

    Drink Like A Boss was launched in June of 2015 and is currently available in select markets. The footprint is growing quickly and the FMB category world takeover process has officially started.

    Fire Flask

    Fire Flask was launched in July of 2015 as consumers prepare for temperatures to go down in the winter, we are preparing for our temperature to go up. Fire Flask is available in select markets and that footprint is growing rapidly.

    Great America

    Great America has grown to 24 states, 160 wholesalers and is sold in most major retailers. This fall Great America is proud to introduce its fall seasonal lineup with Pumpkin Pie and Pink Lemonade.

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